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Your way of communicating

"My main goal is to help you optimize your vocal performance, vocal health and the overall quality of your communication. I will guide you to find YOUR OWN VOICE, the one that represents you, thus taking advantage of your fullest potential."

Your VOICE is your imprint

People in management and leadership positions are fully aware of the importance of clarity and conviction when communicating. It is through the voice that we leave an imprint on others. The effectiveness of this will depend on our ability to express ourselves. 


My main goal is to help you develop, improve and optimize the quality of your communication, guiding you to find YOUR OWN VOICE, the one that represents you and, thus, make the most of your potential.

  • Do you feel that your voice does not represent you?

  • How convincing are you when speaking in public?

  • Do you have recurrent vocal fatigue ?

  • Do you often notice that your message does not come through clearly?

  • Are you dysphonic after a long day of meetings?

  • Would you like just to improve or optimize the performance of your voice in a sustainable way?

Your way of communicating: your STYLE 


"Luciana enseña una técnica vocal saludable y sólida. Pareciera que tiene una solución para cada problema vocal y sabe en cada caso exactamente qué hacer. Trabajando con ella, además, aprendí cuán estrechamente conectada está la voz con el estado mental y emocional de uno mismo.

Es muy firme y resoluta y al mismo tiempo..."

¿ Did you know that the quality of your communication directly influences the results of your company or negotiation ?

I teach in Spanish, German, English and Italian.

The importance of clarity and conviction when communicating.

Through  our  voice we left an imprint on others...

Approach at a Technical, Expressive and Holistic level, understanding the Body, the Voice and the Person as a WHOLE.

My Goals are to lay the foundations for a healthy Emission and a clear and convincing Expression.

Are you curious?

+34 644 35 9696

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