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We have all created a way of speaking and expressing ourselves throughout our lives and, with it, a communicational and vocal identity. Now, what happens when that identity does not reflect our full potential both in the quality of the sound emitted and in the effectiveness of receiving the message we want to transmit?

A good phonatory and oratory performance is within the innate abilities of many managers and leaders. In these cases I offer to strengthen, refine and optimize these capacities to reinforce vocal performance and energy , as well as the quality of the sound (of the voice), the expressiveness in the speech and, in this way, the efficiency in receiving the given message. In this way we will leave a clear, consistent imprint.

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Do you feel that your VOICE does not represent you ?

There are also those who, when using their voice, often run into diverse  limitations  and discomfort due to a certain vocal dysfunction that has serious effects on the results their business, their vocal health and, therefore, their well-being!

There are different manifestations and they are very specific or personal according to the experience of each one... But I will give some fairly common examples. Then we find: 


  • the weak voice that fails to project and at the end of the day (or even after a single conversation) feels suffocated and fatigued or even dysphonic


  • the resonant voice that makes a lot of effort to maintain its brightness and presence, but that at the end of the day also ends up tired


  • the voice that oscillates between both options described above


Through the Integral Vocal Approach that I offer, I propose to lay the foundations for a healthy emission and a clear, convincing and fluid expression. Working on an adequate articulation, cadence, phrasing (rhythm and its pauses) will achieve veracity in the speech and maintain the curiosity and the sharp interest of the interlocutor.

What would you like to transmit through your VOICE? 









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"Luciana is able to perceive you and your voice with precision, and explain to you what exactly you need."

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