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Body-Personality-Voice Relationship

Our voice faithfully reflects our way of thinking and feeling, our relationship with our body and our way of being in life and I believe it is essential to contemplate, include and integrate these aspects in the process of seeking efficient and healthy communication.

For this reason, I consider essential a holistic (integral) approach when accompanying and guiding my clients during the development of vocal work, through which they will acquire awareness and understanding of the Body-Voice relationship.

Through the integral vocal approach that I offer, I propose to lay the foundations for a healthy emission and a clear, convincing and fluid expression.


"Our voice faithfully reflects our WAY of thinking and feeling , our relationship with our body and our way of being in life".

"Working with her, also, I learned how closely connected the voice is with one's mental and emotional state"

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Approach at a Technical, Expressive and Holistic level

Technical Level:

to improve or optimize the operation of the voice and the quality of the spoken sound (the emission in general).


  • posture (I understand the body as an instrument in itself)

  • breathing (air is the transporter of sound and sound itself)

  • voice (adjustment and harmonization of the vocal apparatus, vocal technique itself)

Expression Level:

to give clarity, authority, CONVICTION to the speech.


  • proper articulation, cadence, phrasing, rhythm, pauses

  • breathe at the right time and in the right way

  • intentionality 

  • body language


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Reloj y planta

Holistic Level:

understanding the Body, the Person and the Voice as a unit, as a WHOLE.

Through the search of our own voice, we are not only working on our relationship and communication with the world, but also, and above all, our relationship with ourselves. This is the reason why it has a special value for me to work in a relaxed and at the same time entertaining atmosphere of curiosity, of attention and concentration, of empathy, trust and mutual cooperation.

"The approach of my Vocal Work is integral because I understand the Body, the Person and the Voice as a unit, as a WHOLE".

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