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Why have I decided to write a Blog about Singing, Vocal Technique and Breathing?

Proper Vocal Technique and Breathing are essential for healthy Singing.

Proper vocal technique and breathing are essential for singing.
Vocal Technique and Breathing

This is a blog dedicated to the #voice and singing, both lyrical and popular. My main intention is to provide clarity on some misunderstandings regarding Vocal Technique and Breathing. I will talk about how to breathe properly, in general, and during phonation, in particular.

"I believe that all change begins with a change of mentality, of consciousness."

Because I deeply believe that every change begins with a change of mentality, it would be a success for me to sow at least a small seed of #awareness on this topic that invites you to reflect and, eventually, question some of the concepts that concern the #breathing and #phonation.

In any case, I consider it essential, at least at the beginning and until you understand some concepts well, to work with a suitable Vocal Coach who will guide you in the experimentation of each of these aspects and sensations.

"I was looking for a common denominator, laws applicable to everyone, or almost everyone."

Going back to what concerns us... When I talk about breathing I mean how to "adjust" the #body during the entire process that includes breathing: inhalation, support, attack, sound emission and support throughout a spoken or sung phrase.

It took me many years of research and trying by trial and error to understand the laws that govern a #healthy phonation. Understanding how to breathe properly for both #singing and speaking, and for both vocal and physical health in general, was no easy task.

Through my pilgrimage through the different singing teachers around the world and the enormous amount of bibliography and articles that I read on the subject, I was realizing how much discrepancy of opinions and experiences there was between one and the other.


Throughout my experience as a Singer and Vocal Coach I found and verified many of those "universal adjustments or laws" that I was looking for so much.


I was looking for a common denominator, laws applicable to everyone, or almost everyone (since it is not up to me to become totalitarian now!). And I understood that, just like a guitar, to sound like one, it has to respect certain proportions in its shape and construction, certain qualities in the quality of its wood and the materials it is made of, etc, the body of a #singer, to obtain an optimal and healthy result, should also adhere to a kind of "universal adjustment" of the parts (position of the chest, ribs, #diaphragm, #larynx, tongue, soft palate, etc), in addition to achieving adequate management and control of the air and the breathing.

In this way opening this Singing Blog I invite you to follow me in my articles on different aspects of Vocal and Breathing Technical work!

Throughout my experience, not only with my own voice, but also as a Vocal Coach, I was verifying many of those "adjustments or universal laws" that I was looking for so much and that I will share with you little by little throughout this blog.

So in this way, and with the hope of bequeathing my small contribution to this wonderful world of voice, I begin this new section and invite you to follow me in my articles on different aspects of vocal technical work and breathing!!!

I thank you from my heart for your presence, interest and for sharing your concerns with me!

I will gladly answer your questions!

With love,


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