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“Two of the fundamental pillars that I use in my vocal work are: the proper and effective management of air, of the breath, and the precise articulation of the vowels as the structuring and stabilizing element of the larynx and indispensable tool in clear diction and expression."


Working Integrally with the Voice


Firstly, I wanted to mention the vital importance of previously working on the Breath as a fundamental basis for Vocal Technical Work itself. Every technical approach must be preceded by a conscientious work at the level of breathing. It is only on this respiratory basis in which the air, supported by the appropriate muscles, begins to flow properly that it is possible to work in detail on the functionality of the voice (vocal technique) and obtain healthy and lasting results.

Vocal work based on 3 fundamental pillars:


  • Adequate and effective management and control of air as a fundamental basis for a stable, efficient and healthy emission ensuring vocal longevity 

  •  Precise articulation of the vowels as a structuring and stabilizing element of the larynx and the entire vocal organ

  • Shading and balance of the Voice based on the Chiaro & Scuro colors, an unavoidable aspect and an essential part of voice building

I have a very clear auditory image of what a healthy, beautiful and high-quality sound is. I carry out detailed technical work using a wide range of tools to overcome vocal difficulties. They could be caused, for example, by tension in the laryngeal muscles, lower jaw, neck and back, wrong tongue position, etc.

It is only then that we can begin to structure and stabilize the larynx through the correct articulation of the vowels. (More info HERE)

Vocal Technik
"Estoy muy entusiasmada con el gran progreso que he logrado en un corto período de tiempo trabajando con Luciana. Antes de estudiar con ella (...) lidiaba con mucha tensión en la laringe. Luciana pudo construir un nuevo instrumento sobre la base de una técnica de respiración y vocal sustentable. Posee un amplio know-how y confío en que tiene una solución para cualquier problema vocal. Estoy feliz de haber encontrado finalmente un Coach Vocal que puede llevarme a un nuevo nivel."


I put special emphasis on breathing since I consider the air as the "sound transporter", being then issues such as inhalation , air support , attack and projection of sound the fundamental bases for an efficient technical-vocal work and a stable and healthy emission. It is only then that we can begin to structure and stabilize the larynx through the correct articulation of the vowels.

Throughout my vast experience I have come to the conclusion that - unless there is an underlying medical reason - any vocal dysfunction is preceded by a deficiency in the respiratory mechanisms. Once these mechanisms are detected and put into operation, at least minimally, the student immediately feels relief and even a marked improvement in their vocal functions. 

It is only on this respiratory base in which the air begins to flow properly, supported by the appropriate respiratory muscles, freeing up the larynx from a job that it should not do, that one can begin to work technically in detail the functionality of the voice and obtain sustainable results.

The correct way to breathe is heavily misunderstand. I put special value on clarifying these confusions as to why certain ways of breathing do not really work, explaining exactly the natural and truly effective mechanisms of it.

“In cases where the students were unable to resolve vocal disfunction neither with their singing teacher nor with their phoniatrician, or even after a vocal cord surgery, I have obtained remarkable results restoring successfully vocal functions and vocal health.”



Voice-Body-Person Relationship

I am convinced that our voice accurately reflects our way of being, thinking, feeling, acting and reacting, our relationship with our body and our way of living and being in life, so I believe it is essential to contemplate and integrate these aspects, often forgotten.

Through the Holistic approach we are not only working on our voice but also, and above all, our relationship with ourselves.   (Read  About Me )

For this I use my experience and intuitive ability to recognize and identify the physical and/or emotional obstacles and blockages behind the limitations of each voice (person). 

The way in which a student reacts to a certain exercise clearly tells me how he/she acts and reacts in his/her own life. During the process of improving, optimizing or healing a certain vocal, respiratory or postural issue we are indirectly and unavoidably addressing and transforming a personal aspect of ourself and our own way of being in life.

"Sometimes it is a challenge for us, after having played or sung a piece for many years, to open up to a new interpretation. Music that has been performed for a long time requires a refresh and be updated with our current identity and truth."​

Vocal Coaching


  • Interpretation: musicality, style, expression, etc.

  • Sound optimization with vocal technique tools (emission, color, diction, etc.)

  • Stage presence

  • Voice recovery after concerts, recordings, conferences, performances, etc.

  • Coaching during studio recordings, concerts and all kinds of presentations

Here we will work on the interpretation of the repertoire as well as musically, as on the style, on the phrasing and expression. Also on the diction and the importance of “saying” what you're singing. We will also contemplate themes such as stage presence, acting and everything you need to feel safe on stage. Every optimal musical result requires healthy vocal functionality, so this work contemplates and includes some vocal technique to achieve an appropriate technical performance.

One of the most valuable functions of Vocal Coaching is the restoration of the voice and its functions after or between concerts, studio recordings, conferences, performances, etc. We will also contemplate topics such as stage presence, acting and everything you need to feel safe on stage.


It is aimed at singers as well as actors and people who use their voice professionally, both sung and spoken.

Studio Coaching

Although I am a lyrical singer, my classes are aimed as well for classical singers and as for other styles (musical, pop, chanson, jazz, folk, etc.) since I focus on the vocal functionality and respiratory mechanisms as a fundamental basis for a healthy and efficient phonation. Depending on the student's singing style, we will "balance" the voice in such a way that it responds to it.


My intention through the A&MC is to accompany and guide soloists and/or ensembles during the process of preparing a certain repertoire.


During this process we will deal with both the musical and the stylistic interpretation of a composition. We will focus on the expression of the melodic line, the speech and the phrasing, seeking that the interpretation flows from your own truth and authenticity, always taking into account the intentions of the composer.

Through the A&MC we can:


  • prepare a specific work. It can be for a concert, recording or simply to study it for the first time or to better understand some part of it


  • approach a certain repertoire (group of pieces) to be presented in concert or recorded. If you wish, through Studio Coaching. I can accompany you and guide you during the recording session.


  • refresh a certain repertoire that you have already played/sung a lot and for which you feel need a new approach (*)


  • work on a physical, emotional, musical blockage (in general they all go hand in hand) that is limiting the free flow of your interpretation


* Sometimes it is a challenge for us, after having played/sung a piece for many years, to open up to a new interpretation. Music that has been performed for a long time requires a refresh and be updated with our current identity and truth. Then it is time to ask ourselves again:

  •  What do I really want to communicate with the piece?

  •  What is my truth today and how do I want to transmit it?



       I believe that one of the most magical and moving experiences is lived, both as a performer and for the audience, when the artist manages to share his authenticity through a work. That is my highest goal, to help you make your essence flow through music.

coaching vocal
Artistic & Music Coaching


perfeccionamiento vocal

Both Vocal and Artistic & Music Caoching can be extended to Studio Coaching where I accompany you and guide you vocally and musically during your recordings where I'll give you tips to achieve your visions and goals.



"What was revealing for me is what you said at the beginning of the Workshop, that "we are our voice". (...) I would have liked the workshop to last a thousand hours because you made everything very dynamic. Through your work you help us to know our voice better, to heal it, to see the potential we have... and that seemed wonderful to me!!!

Thank You very much for that! It was a pleasure for me to take part of it."

Belén P.

These workshops are intended for a greater number of participants. There will be a certain number of active students and a larger group of listeners who will witness the technical work and with whom I will interact throughout the course with explanations and answering their questions. In this way all the participants will benefit from the work with the different students learning from their strengths and weaknesses.

Por qué trabajar conmigo?


I have a highly effective Integral Vocal Work method in which I have synthesized 25 years of research on vocal technique, breathing and body posture, 18 years of experience as a Vocal Coach and a whole life of intense and deep personal work.


My approach is holistic because I understand the Voice, the Person and the Body as a unit, as a WHOLE. For this I use my long and deep process of inner work guided by coaches from the Barbara Ann Brennan School of Bioenergetics, Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experience, Systemic Constellations and Coaching, which I in instinctively use in my Singing and Vocal Coaching lessons. I also integrate in the sessions tools from disciplines such as Yoga, Cantienica and Feldenkrais which makes vocal work a transformative, special and unique experience.


During my adolescence I had repeatedly suffered from nodules on the vocal cords, so undergoing rehabilitation with phoniatricians (voice therapists) was for me something recurrent. I recovered and, a few months or a year later, they came back again. Although at some point I stopped "recreating" them, I often continued to suffer from vocal fatigue when speaking and even, already studying at the Music University, when singing. 

For this reason and because I wanted to heal my voice and understand what I was doing wrong and how I could correct it, my research work was so extensive and so long was my pilgrimage through the different singing teachers around the world in search of answers. That is why the results I obtained were so fruitful.


As can be seen, I don't give up easily. I am also very curious, passionate, persevering and committed when something really interests me and I persistently inform myself and investigate until I fully understand it. These qualities and my own vocal problems led me, from my beginnings as a singer and for so many years, to research about the proper breathing mechanisms and the healthy and effective functioning of the voice. That is why I have obtained such fruitful results on the laws that govern a healthy phonation.


Despite having a highly efficient Vocal Method, I am always open to improving my tools, learning new approaches in order to optimize and accelerate, more and more, the results of the work with my clients and students.

I love what I do and really enjoy guiding people through their vocal and internal process of getting closer to themselves and their own truth and witnessing their transformation. I deeply believe in people and their innate capacity for transformation and healing, and it is my intention to contribute my small grain of sand by helping them, through a technical-holistic approach, to feel more confident on stage, optimize the quality of their performances, achieve a healthy and effective functioning of the voice and, above all, achieve greater well-being and harmony in their lives.

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I teach in Spanish, German, English & Italian!

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