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“Any singer, both lyrical and popular, must achieve absolute mastery of the air and its body as long as it is the instrument itself. Without sufficient knowledge and lacking a solid foundation in this subject it is impossible to achieve a high quality sound.”

Sobre mí


I am a cheerful, temperamental and very curious person. When a topic gains my interest I like to inform myself widely about it and understand it thoroughly.  This is a characteristic that led me to deeply investigate the breathing mechanisms and the functioning of the voice for so many years. I don't give up easily and I can be very persistent if I feel that something is good for me. I am very interested in the different branches of alternative medicine and I have a holistic view of the body, voice and life.

I play classical guitar and I sing since I was nine years old and during my childhood and adolescence I could spend hours singing from argentinian rock, pop and folklore to The Beatles and everything I liked and inspired me. Currently I returned to the classical guitar and I love immersing myself in that intimate world with studies by Carulli, María Linemann or a waltz. It simply gives me a lot of peace.

I really like playing sports, yoga, cantienica and I love dancing. I have also done Feldenkrais for a long time and I use tools from all these disciplines in my singing and coaching classes.

I read everything, from classic literature to alternative healing methods, bioenergetics or quantum physics and I have a long process of personal transformation with therapists from the Barbara Ann Brennan School of Healing.

I love guiding and accompanying people on their journey to get closer to themselves and their own truth. I believe in a world in which, if each person assumed their self-responsibility for themselves, listened more to their hearts and acted in accordance with it, harmony, respect and personal and collective peace would reign. Above all things, I believe in Love.



"By working with Luciana you can regain your natural vocal abilities and dissolve the blockages and patterns that stand in the way of success. 

It is sometimes very demanding both physically and emotionally but it allows us to grow as a person and as a singer in self-confidence, joy and positivity."


I was born in Buenos Aires where I received my first singing lessons at the J. J. Castro Conservatory. In the Mozarteum of Salzburg (Austria) I studied vocal technique with Lilian Sukis and repertoire and interpretation with Gaiva Bandzinaite and Alessandro Misciasci (répétiteur of the Salzburger Festspiele). I have improved my qualifications in New York in the Old Italian School of Singing with Master Anthony Frisell (Professor of Sandor Konya and Flaviano Labó, among others, and author of numerous books on the subject).

I participated in the recording of the CD “Canto por el Agua” by Miguel Bareilles not only as a singer but also as artistic co-producer. This Project has been awarded by the Global Music Awards with two silver medals for Best Composition and Best Album  and was carried out in Berlin, the city where I currently reside.

Throughout my academic training I have attended Master Classes taught by trajectory singers such as the Italian tenor Antonio Carangelo (former student of Ettore Campogagliani- Master of Mirella Freni, Luciano Pavarotti and Mario del Monaco) and Conrnelio Murgu (Director of the Timisuara Opera, Romania).

During my first years in Germany I was repeatedly awarded with a scholarship from the Akademischer Gesang Verein München (Munich Academic Singing Society) and was part of the Munich Philharmonic Choir with which I sang in very important rooms such as the Gasteig (Munich Philharmonic Theater) and the Hercules Saal, under the direction of great directors, including the great James Levine. In this city, personifying the Lucinde Demon and the first Nymph, I sang at the premiere of Gluck's "Armida".

My professional activity as a soloist has led me to perform numerous opera, oratory and Art Song concerts in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico and Argentina, among which the Tribute to Alberto Ginastera stands out at the Konzerthaus in Berlin organized by the Argentine Embassy of Berlin. I have also worked for the Salzburger Stadt (Municipality of Salzburg) and for the Salzburger Konzertgesellschaft (Salzburg Concert Agency specialized in Mozartian repertoire).

Parallel to my activity as a singer, I regularly teach people from all over the world. My love for the music, and specially for singing, and my passion and curiosity for vocal technique led me to carry out an intense research work on the different singing methods through the centuries, from the origins of lyrical singing to the way as we know it today.

In addition to the work of musical interpretation, which is an important part of my lessons, I have specialized myself in the healthy and effective functionality of the voice. This is part of my daily work to help other singers to optimize, “readjust” and heal the mechanism, many times seriously affected, of the entire vocal system, including breathing and body posture.


​More info about my singing at www.lucianaroffo.com

"It is especially valuable for me to work in a relaxed atmosphere that favors concentration and confidence in order to carry out cooperative and effective work with the singer and respond to all their concerns."

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I teach in Spanish, German, English & Italian!

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