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Photo by Jana Sachse

Global Music Awards cantante lirico

"With more than 18 years of experience as a Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach I have helped both lyric and popular singers, actors and people who use their voice professionally to improve their vocal level and in many cases even to restore and heal impaired vocal functions."

Sonja Hofmann

"Luciana enseña una técnica vocal saludable y sólida. Pareciera que tiene una solución para cada problema vocal y sabe en cada caso exactamente qué hacer. Trabajando con ella, además, aprendí cuán estrechamente conectada está la voz con el estado mental y emocional de uno mismo."​

"It is my sincere, professional opinion that Ms. Roffo possesses an outstanding classical singing voice, and also has enough singing talent to succeed in having a professional, singing career (...)"

Anthony Frisell
Letter on June 17, 2011
New York

Directed & composed by MIGUEL BAREILLES



WINNER of two silver prizes at the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD as Best Album & Best Composition

Canto por el Agua YouTube
"Nuestra voz refleja fielmente nuestra manera de pensar y sentir, nuestra relación con nuestro cuerpo y nuestro modo de vivir y de estar en la vida."

I have a highly effective Integral Vocal Work method in which I have synthesized 25 years of research on vocal technique, breathing and body posture, 18 years of experience as a Vocal Coach and a whole life of intense and deep personal work.

My approach is holistic because I understand the Voice, the Person and the Body as a unit, as a WHOLE. For this I use my long and deep process of inner work guided by coaches from the Barbara Ann Brennan School of Bioenergetics, Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experience, Systemic Constellations and Coaching, which I in instinctively use in my Singing and Vocal Coaching lessons. I also integrate in the sessions tools from disciplines such as Yoga, Cantienica and Feldenkrais which makes vocal work a transformative, special and unique experience.


During my adolescence I had repeatedly suffered from nodules on the vocal cords, so undergoing rehabilitation with phoniatricians (voice therapists) was for me something recurrent. I recovered and, a few months or a year later, they came back again. Although at some point I stopped "recreating" them, I often continued to suffer from vocal fatigue when speaking and even when singing... 

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"I put special emphasis on breathing since I consider the air as the sound transporter and the sound itself".


Through the A&MC we can:


  • prepare a specific work. It can be for a concert, recording or simply to study it for the first time or to better understand some part of it


  • approach a certain repertoire (group of pieces) to be presented in concert or recorded. If you wish, through Studio Coaching I can accompany you and guide you during the recording session.


  • refresh a certain repertoire that you have already played / sung a lot and for which you feel need a new approach


  • work on a physical, emotional, musical blockage (in general they all go hand in hand) that is limiting the free flow of your interpretation

"Through the Holistic approach we are not only working on our voice but also, and above all, on our relationship with ourselves."

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